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Rörsch & Partners, Miniature city and tourism project creators and planners

Our contact information:
Erik Rörsch & Partners, Minicitiist - Hazenboslaan 39 - 2343 SW Oegstgeest - The Netherlands

Tel mobile: + 31 6 24 24 22 24 / +30 69 408 39096 or fixed: +31 71 7851172 

E-mail:  or

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Latest news; our partner Erik Rörsch received a reward from Aiaintis, the cooperation of 23 Greek cities. See: Youtube-Aiantis

On this website we inform you about our company, our activities, as well as how you could develop your own Miniature City or any other cultural, historical, educational tourism related project.

With greetings from Michel Dubois-Septier, Christiaan Kruis and Erik Rörsch

What do we do:

- we create ideas and plans for your cultural, historical, educational tourism related project.

- we prepare pre- and full feasibility studies for recreational projects, we are specialised in miniature cities
- we prepare tourism development plans, together with E.F.T.I.
- we designed, build and managed Miniature Cities and Recreation Projects
- we produce outdoor/indoor architectural models in cooperation with Michel Dubois
- we supervise and manage the construction of tourism related projects

Some Miniature City Facts:
Miniatures range in size from 4.000 m2 up to 100.000 m2.
Local, national or even worldwide models can be chosen as a theme for the tourist park. The scale of the 
models varies between 1:12 and 1:33.
The project may be built indoors or outdoors; most are outdoors.
The lay-out may consist of extensive gardens and a small number of models or a complete city design with 
hardly any gardens.
The number of visitors range from 75.000 up to 2.000.000 per year. 
Depending on the initial design and local circumstances a project can be profitable already with 75.000 
The projects usually have a restaurant, shop and a playground. An exhibition roomand other attractions can 
Investments range from US$. 4.000.000,- to over US$. 20.000.000

We like to add that an extended miniature city which also includes additional cultural, educational projects 
will highly improve the number of visitors and improve the quality of the total project.